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Increasing Livistock Numbers

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 We have always devoted ourselves to the very best and when it comes to increasing the raising of livestock this means: making the meat more natural, increasing productivity, producing wholly organic products for their feeding.

After decades of successfully conducted experiments we have discovered how to obtain an output of around 3000 quintals per hectare.

We have spent over three decades conducting exhausting experiments in this field which is known to be one the most difficult sectors to develop.

Extracting the juice of the aerial part from three plants and the juice of the root from the fourth, composing the four extracts in percentages already established, a curative extract is created for healing kidney stones, infallible. One of these plants is very rare.

As we all know in the bio-fuel and biomass industry scientists of international level sponsored by multinational corporations have tried to be competitive by committing properties of the food and agriculture industry as well as of the forestry sector without considering the certain damages they were creating.

After years of strenuous experiments I have tested a new kind of highly powerful electric power, a true propulsion, with great success.